The cosiest little pub in town

The Golden Lion is probably the cosiest and most authentic British pub in town.

Come and enjoy the friendly relaxed atmosphere.

The Golden Lion epitomises the spirit of a traditional British pub. A meeting place for people from all walks of life. Friends old and new. A place where your character and ethos are more important than the brand of shirt you are wearing or the car you drive.

If it’s entertainment you want, you can be certain there’s something going on at The Golden Lion, whatever night of the week it is.
It might be Games Night, Live Sport, Bingo, Student Night, Karaoke or The Pub Quiz.
If not, you can always make your own entertainment. We have darts, backgammon, playing cards, Yatzy, Balut or dice, to name but a few.

If on the other hand you just want to relax, that is fine to. Our friendly bartenders will cater for your every need and if you want some company, they will be happy to introduce you to our friendly locals. Don't be shy to ask 🙂

Bingo or Darts

People come to The Golden Lion for many reasons.

The word pub is short for "Public House" which means the British Pub is a meeting place where friends, family or work colleagues can relax in an informal atmosphere.

Some people visit The Golden Lion for our delicious, great value Pub Grub. A meal for 2 with a couple of drinks doesn't cost a fortune and nobody cares if you don't dress up! So if you're fed up with pizza and burgers, or can't be bothered to cook and wash up, come down to the pub. 

Other times, people come to watch an important football or rugby match. The atmosphere of the pub and a few pints with your mates is the next best thing to being there! For a calendar of live sports events, follow the sports links above.

But that's not all. There are a whole host of other reasons to come to The Golden Lion. We can entertain you in many other ways...

We have a regular calendar of weekly events and special events/parties.
Monday night is Games Night, or Darts Night during the pub league darts season. Thursday is Members & Student Night with Bingo, Friday is Party Night with fantastic offers on cocktails and drinks, Saturday is Karaoke Night and on Sunday we have our Pub Quiz.

Click on the What's On and Upcoming Events links above for more details.

Oh...and one last thing we forgot to mention. Many of our customers come to The Lion because we're the friendliest bunch of pub staff in town. Meet the crazy gang here...

  Ed Dallimore
James Sturzenneger
Ayden Yusofov
David Sturzenneger
Dominika Konečná
  Annamarija Gulbe
Lloyd Evans
Anders Hein
Thomas Blach Locker
Kenneth Rasmussen